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The impact of the current situation on travel is probably the thing that is getting to me the most.

Apart from just about anywhere in Japan, one of my favourite places to visit is Berlin - a vibrant and dynamic city with a charm of it's own.
In particular the TV tower (Berliner Fernsehturm) has always fascinated me. Completed in 1969, it is still the tallest structure in Germany. The tower is visible from almost anywhere in Berlin, and it's Disco ball-like appearance make it a perfect mascot for a city that has become known for it's nightlife.

In the years since the wall came down Berlin has undergone a remarkable transformation.
After it's utter destruction at the end of World War II and years of division during the Cold War, Berlin has been reborn into a stylish, multicultural city that retains a certain gritty and down to earth appeal.

A large part of Berlin's appeal to me personally, is it's connection to Techno music.
After the reunification of Germany in 1990, east Berlin especially became a hot spot for underground music and art scenes, and it's abundance of cheap housing and work space drew many to the city. Probably Berlin's most famous club (and also a record label), Tresor, began it's operations from a disused bank vault in 1988.
The Scene grew bigger, and an interplay started between Berlin and Techno's founding members in America, especially Detroit. International DJs began making appearances, and many musicians made Berlin their home.
In the mid 1990s a style of music emerged from Berlin, called Dub-Techno - A minimal, spacious variation of Techno that drew much inspiration from the textures and production techniques of Dub music.
Dub Techno now has a following all over the world, and is probably the sound that most defines my own productions. In 2019 I had the pleasure of playing a DJ set in Berlin and I've released two albums through an independent record label based in the city.

So, Berlin has become something of a mecca for me over the years - I'm looking forward to getting back out there soon !

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